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28 Days Confinement Herbs (Postnatal) early lock-in

For mummies-soon-to-be, we are giving a 15% off the retail price of the 28 days confinement herbs if you order with us while in your first/second trimester

For a limited time offer, we are extending the 15% discount to all 3rd trimester mummies. (Valid until 31 May 2021)

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The theories of Traditional chinese medicine (TCM), with a history longer than 3,500 years, are based on the vital energy, qi. The energy flows along meridian and its flow keeps the body healthy. If the qi is unbalanced, the body is ill. Health restoration can be treated. In one instance, traditional remedies such as herbs can be used to rebalance the yin and yang forces.

Sun N Love, a subset of Chee Seng Medical Hall and Chee Seng Preserved Dried Goods, strives to deliver a variety of herbs and dried goods to your doorsteps. Order online today

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We are committed to sell to you geniune and affordable products that will enrich your lives.

We are committed to listen to your needs and we will strive to meet your demands.

We are committed to share our expertise and knowledge so that you can enjoy our products without any worries.

Shop with confidence, we standby our products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund you 100%

Customer review

"Now CB period looking for chinese herb . People recommended Sun and Love and I first time purchase , they have lots of items that you need . is so great to have this with no limit purchase amount for delivery and very helpful with any questions they will help you and answer you . So great and nice people :)" - Ms Mak

"Very helpful and friendly of Cheng Lee to assist us and will buy it again" - Mr Cheom

"They got fresh herbs with reasonable price too! Will continue the purchase in future" - Ms Aubrey

"Thanks! They all look very fresh!" - Ms Michelle

"Ordered Friday, received Sunday. Items fresh and well packaged with a detailed hand written receipt. Very satisfied and highly recommended." - Mr Thong


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