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Taking care of your postpartum requirements

For generations, it has been a practice that upon delivery, the mother's body requires a period of time to rest and heal. It is essential for the maintenance of the women's health. The duration of your confinement period depends on the mode of delivery: natural birth or caesarean. The post patrum confinement period ranges from 30 to 45 days.

During your post-partum period, the consumption of nutritious food and plenty of fluid are recommended. In addition, a variety chinese herbs are often supplemented. These herbs serve to nourish your internal organs, helping your body to recover faster.

At Sun N Love, we have a range of postpartum confinement herbs (including ginger), herbal bath and herbal tea preparations. We are a one-stop shop for mother care. Our prices are highly affordable and we guarantee the freshness of the herbs and spices as we only pack upon request.

Talk to us via messenging, email, facebook, or call/watsapp us at 97336523 / 63379639 (Chee Seng Medical Store and request for Cheng Lee)

Thanks for visiting Sun N Love.

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